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SCE Gaskets - The best brand for Gaskets!

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sce gaskets

SCE Gaskets has become a recognized leader in the manufacture of engine gaskets for automotive racing and high performance applications. 

SCE Gaskets now offers a complete product line from Racing & Performance to Service & Overhaul gasket sets literally extending from Model “A” Fords to the latest aftermarket engine block and cylinder head combinations.

Why Trust a ‘Small Brand’ Like SCE Gaskets?

#1. Gaskets are all we do & we do gaskets right:

We’re not a monolithic conglomerate. A lot like a craft brew or a small distiller, we’re family owned. We choose to make our gaskets from the best raw materials for sealing, rather than being told what to use because it’s best for profits. Our experience, design skills, machinery & resources combine to bring you the best performing gasket for every application we offer.

#2. Innovation:

While other gasket brands boost sales by intentionally making gaskets that fail, SCE has started several gasket categories because we knew we could offer a permanent solution. The most recent example is our injection molded poly-urethane carburetor gaskets.

#3. Made in USA:

We manufacture and distribute SCE Gaskets from our facilities in Mount Pleasant, Tennessee and Spencer, Iowa. Shipping to warehouse distributors, retailers, engine builders and performance enthusiasts throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and Puerto Rico.

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